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Tokyo Girls Collection Review, Spring/Summer 2013 Collection


On March 02, 2013, I had the privilege of attending the bi-annual Tokyo Girls Collection fashion event, which was held this year at Yoyogi Stadium. The event is one of the biggest of its kind in Tokyo, attracting girls and women of all ages into the flashy world of fashion. Since this was my first time attending the event, I felt very excited to experience a Japanese fashion show firsthand.


As I approached the stadium, I immediately noticed the growing line of girls waiting for the doors to open. In the spirit of all things fashionable and creative (which only Tokyo girls can pull off), everyone was dressed from head-to-toe in the latest trends.  For the girly-girls, pink dresses, beige coats, and white stockings were a common sight; for the edgy girls, leather sports jackets, statement caps, and print leggings were all the rage. I definitely admired the spirit of these Japanese girls because even the cold and windy weather plaguing that day could not stop them from expressing their unique styles.

After a few hours had passed, we were finally able to enter the stadium. Inside, half the ground floor level was covered with promotional booths advertising a variety of products like wigs and gel nails. A lot of the booths did not give out free items or samples immediately, but were based on a “trade-off” system: for example, if you liked or promoted a company’s page on Facebook and showed it to them on your smartphone, you would receive a complimentary gift. Since I did not have a smartphone to complete all this, I pretty much skipped most of the booths.


The other half of the ground floor, along with the rest of the stadium, was mainly for attendee seating/standing sections, the runway, and five giant screens to display the event for all to see. My seat was located in the upper floor area, which allowed me to scan the whole stadium from a bird’s eye point of view. The opening performance was kicked off by the Japanese artist YU-A, followed by an on-screen clock countdown for the special stage performer…who was Namie Amuro! I screamed along with everyone when she started singing “In the Spotlight” because seriously, who does not like her (or at least one of her songs)???There was also a special fashion stage display, and finally a kind of TGC show pattern: around four clothing companies would display their Spring and Summer 2013 collection, then the MCs came out to chat for a bit, then a live artist(s) would perform, and everything would repeat in a similar manner. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the whole fashion event, but what I was able to see definitely left a big impression on me. The lively atmosphere, the amazing dedication put into this whole project, and the support from fans in the stadium really made TGC worth attending. In addition, I liked how it had the feel of a concert combined with a fashion show; every attendee was given a pink light stick to wave round during music performances, creating a sea of dotted pink in the darkness.


Tokyo Girls Collection is really an experience all on its own and I definitely recommend it to anyone (mainly to the females out there) who loves fashion, fun, and free stuff! As you leave the event, they hand out omiyage bags (souvenir gift bags) filled with paper advertisements and the real goodies— usable items ranging from make-up to other facial products.

You can view a FULL REPORT of Tokyo Girls Collection on the TGC website, including the names of performers, models, and clothing companies: