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Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 A/W will be held on August 31st!


Tokyo Girls Collection executive committee has announced that “ Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 AUTUM/WINTER” will be held at Saitama Super Arena on August 31st, 2013.

TGC has been sending a Japanese real cloth to the world every year so far. The theme of the previous year, “This is THE FASHION FESTA!” will be continued but TGC will be proposing a “Girls’ Life Style” which is still based on fashion, but widening the theme to the “Lifestyle” including the essence of music, beauty, and art.

The Girls Illumination Project was very popular at the previous event, TGC2013 S/S. The project will be upgraded and heated up in this upcoming event by creating the fantastic space that every one of the audiences in the Arena would put out together. Also, they will be opening up the booth where audiences are able to enjoy “Girls’ life style” such as fashion, beauty and food by their five senses.
Addition to the popular models such as Karina, Yu Yamada, Angelica Michibata, Kana Nishino, the singer, are already planning to be on the stage of the event. They will be continuing to announce the newest information on the models and the singers who will be on the stage of the event.

“Miss TGC” which has been previously producing popular models in past seven events will be held again for the first time in four years, is one of the huge project in the event that should be paid attention to. This time, they are trying to dig out a new top model who will be able to send the newest trend of Japanese Fashion, as well as the culture of Japan to the world. The winner will be getting a chance of being a model on the popular fashion magazines as well as being able to walk on the stage of TGC with other popular Japanese fashion models.
The finalists of the Miss TGC will be presented on the stage of TGC 2013 A/W. After that, the finalists will be going though various kinds of trainings. The winner of the Miss TGC will be decided on the stage of TGC14 S/S that is planning to be held next spring.

Official website: http://girlswalker.com/tgc/13aw/