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Fall 2013, Grand Opening in Takeshita Street, Harajuku!!


September 6th, 2013, CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU will be having its grand opening in Takeshita Street, Harajuku.

Takeshita Street is not only a place where Japanese teenagers visit as a popular spot for fashion, but is also where the “cute” culture originated from that is now gaining much attention from not only Japan, but from around the world. At the center of such a popular site, CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU, will be opening with everything from cute to exciting products; it is aiming to become a place where girls that enjoy shopping will naturally go to for some fun shopping with friends.

CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU is expected have a total of ten stores, ranging from apparel to general merchandise to food courts. One of them will be MONKI, a sister brand of H&M that came to Japan in June of this year. It will be the second store opening in Japan after the first one located in Osaka Shinsai-bashi. In addition, the symbol of CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU will be designed by Masuda Sebastian (famous for being KyariPamyuPamyu`s art director).

Official Site: http://www.cutecube-harajuku.jp