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Tokyo Girls Collection Review, Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection


Japan’s most exciting fashion show, the 17th annual Tokyo Girls’ Collection AUTUMN/WINTER was held at the Saitama Super Arena on August 31th, 2013. Over 33,500 young Japanese women converged at this massive event and filled the place with a strong sense of “girl power” energy. The theme for this year was to continue “This is THE FASHION FESTA” and suggest “Girl’s Life Style,” which TGC has been sending out from Japan to the world through the incorporation of beauty art, music and mainly fashion.

Since this was their 17th event, the capacity of attendees in the Saitama Super Arena was 5 times as many young girls than before, showing how much girls wanted to preview the winter trend. When Linda III World, Alice X SHUN and Rei Yasuda appeared onstage, the place reached its climax in excitement!

The event’s MC hosts for this year were Ayano Fukuda and 2 comedians from FUJIWARA. They livened up the atmosphere by proceeding with an exciting tempo throughout the show. The place was filled with laughter as Fujiwara performed their two-man comedy act. Also, the “middle-aged man” who is a non-authorized character of heartwarming charms from Amazakishi, Hyogo also appeared in the opening. The show unrolled cool and mode mainly on “UK Patterns,” different fabrics, “MIX,” “Big Silhouette,” and others, which TGC suggested for A/W as trendy keywords. I was impressed that the image of “pretty pop” was overturned this time by TGC.

In her first appearance since delivering her child, Jun Hasegawa took the main attention on the runway. She appeared in various A/W trend coordinates that put together mini-Tully items and red checkers, showing a bit of stomach in shortish tops from the S/S collection of this year. There were exclamations of appreciation over her style, which has been constant before and after her delivery.

This year’s TGC also had multiple collaborations with foreign artists. The most notable was the collaboration stage with Nichola Formichetti, who was Lady GAGA’s fashion director as well; his heterogeneous talents was different than any other stage presentation and definitely the highlight of the whole show. Overall, this TGC was “FASHION FESTA” full of unique collaborations by multiple talents within the fashion industry. The experience made me realize how strong of a feeling fashion is to Japanese girls, with the show illuminating the top trends of the moment perfectly.