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Girls Award Review, AUTUMN/WINTER 2013


Girls Award 2013 AUTUMN/WINTER

One of Japan’s biggest fashion & music events, Girls Award 2013 AUTUMN/WINTER was held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on September 28th, 2013. Under the slogan of “(from) Shibuya to Asia and to the world”, the Girls Award has been held twice a year since 2010. Attendees can enjoy both music and fashion at the same time, drawing in not only women, but men and couples as well. Since this was their 8th event, a total of 210 models and artists appeared onstage and『CINEMA PARADISE』was featured. In total, over 34,000 visitors mobilized for the event.

The show started with Haruna Kojima, who is a member of the ever-so popular AKB48. Many AKB members that had graduated also made appearances one after another, such as Mariko Shinoda, Tomomi Itano, Sayaka Akimoto, and Tomomi Kasai. Popular models like Rina Fujii, Angelica Michibata, Yu Yamada, Youn-a, Mari Sara, Mitsuki Oishi, and Mayuko Kawakita appeared in the fashion show too. Additionally, Natsuna and Ryoko Yonekura appeared on the runway.

The show had multiple famous brands like EMODA、GYDA、RESEXXY、and MURUA. Some brands held their first fashion stages at the event; “Stradivarius,” which is a sister brand of ZARA and Bershka from Barcelona, will be debuting in Japan in Spring 2013 and “MONKI,” which is a sister brand of H&M from Sweden, will also be coming to Japan soon. While popular fashion magazine “NYLON JAPAN” and “ViVi” held stages in the Girls Award, there was an air of excitement when NYLON JAPAN revealed Yui Aragaki as its secret guest during the magazine’s last stage. For ViVi, its popular models Rina Fujii, Ellie Rose, Reina Triendl, and Maggy drew great cheers from fashion fans as they modeled glamorously during ViVi’s stage time.

In this Girls Award, they made an announcement about the grand prize winner of “a special 30th anniversary event, house model audition” onstage. Yui Sakuma(19) and Eri Sakuma(19) were chosen to be the new house models. Surprise guest Tomohisa Yamashita appeared and gave flower bouquets to the winners. The shrill voices of the crowd revealed the support of everyone about the results.


During the live artist performances, excitement could be heard all over the stadium when Kumi Koda, DJ Ai(Ai Haruna) and VERBAL(m-flo/TERIYAKI BOYZ ®) appeared on stage in the middle of Girls Award. Abe Sadao, another secret guest, appeared to the special stage of E-girls. He sung “I Am Sorry for Kissing You,” the theme song of his starring movie “King of Gomen.” V.I.(from BIGBANG) made an appearance that totally rocked out; with his voice and charm, he kept the audience pumped up more than any other performer at the show!


Multiple clothing designs such as monochrome, houndstooth, and checkered were seen in this year’s Girls Award. Also, short tops, setups, and long tight skirts continued to be a hot fashion statement that had been seen before from the SPRING/SUMMER collection. In the case of makeup, there were many styles like classic red lips, cat eyes, and smoky makeup.