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Girls Award Spring/Summer 2013


The Japanese biggest fashion and music event “Girls Award Spring/Summer 2013” had successfully delivered the shower of happiness on March 23, 2013 at National Yoyogi Gymnastic Stadium to the visitors of 33,500 people.

The event opens twice a year with the slogan “From Shibuya to Asia, to the World”. This was their seventh event. This seventh event was under the theme of “Sweet Splash Garden” and the concept of exploration of fun, the shower of happiness. There were more than 100 models and performers to brighten the event and brought happiness to the visitors.By 10am there was already line of girls waiting for the venue to be open. It caught my eyes the girls who are covered with current trended cloths and disguise as a twin sisters with their friends. Event started with opening act, performed by Vimclip and Da-iCE to excite the venue. Actual event started at 13:30 with excited music sang by the Korean band MYNAME.

The event’s MC hosted by famous Japanese comedian Chihara Jr. and the announcer Yuki Yamasaki. Stage was placed in the middle with run way and three big screens. Girls Award is not only the fashion shows but also the combination of music. In Japan, the boom of Korean artists hasn’t gone yet. There were Korean bands, MYNAME, Chou-Shinsei, and Fitsland who liven up the event. They brought visitors of 40s and 50s to the event who are likely their fans. Of course there were Japanese bands heaten up the event as well with the artists of BENI, Milky Bunny, mihimaru GT, and Nogizaka46. Especially Nogizaka 46 has many male fans which increased the number of male visitors too.

Also, there was Japanese artist Tomomi Kahara who just came back to the music filed after years of brank, some of her fans were crying to see her performance and even herself was crying to be happy to be back on the stage.

For the fashion show participated brands were mixed of girly, country, modes types which included Avan Lilly, MINKPINK,

Heather, Wendine, Loveless and many more. Each brand had run way by famous models and artist which made girls crazy happy and placed big smiles on their faces.

Most of these brands are often introduced by Japanese fashion magazines such as “non-no”, “ViVi” and “S-kawaii”. Especially when the producer of Avan Lily who are also the famous Japanese model “Yukina Kinoshita” appeared on the stage, girls were screaming her name to show their love to her. Each brand’s fashion was creative, talented and attractive. My favorites are Heather, Wendine and ricori which had collection of sweet girly and casual cloths.

Many brands had fashion line of using black and white stripe bottoms and small flower prints of one piece and tops.

Girly types of cloths brought their mascot bear in the show and some of them were through into the cloud of people as a gift, which brought girls’s excitement.
There were sponsor’s booths areas where advertise a variety of products, such as gel nails, fake eyelashes and other consume products.

Most of booths were based on “trade-off” system which asking visitors to promote the booth or booth’s products by following their Facebook fan page, official websites, uploading booth’s picture on their blogs or social networking page and so on for trading with the treats of free samples or discount coupon. The booth with nails were packed! Many girls were so attracted with gel nails where could experience the nails with only 5,000 Yen which usually costs more than 10.000 Yen. The corroboration with the model Mitsuki Oishi for the nail design added more interest to girls to join the booth more. There was also the booth where visitor can experience fake eyelashes by professional makeup artist. Many girls were attracted with the experimental booth.

Girls Award is the event, which can introduce Japanese fashion trends with music to the world. Also, by having chances of seeing beautiful models and surrounded with latest fashion items is definitely one of the event makes girls excited and enhance their passion of fashion in Japan.

You can view a FULL REPORT of Girls Award on the Girls Award website, including the names of performers, models, and clothing companies:


Event Name: Girls Award Spring Summer 2013
Date: 23 March, 2013
Venue: National Yoyogi Gymnastic Stadium

Don’t miss out next Girls’s Award, sure will be the exciting event for girls you all!!