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How to Make-Up Vol.2 Basic Natural Make-Up


Here, we will introduce you the every steps to get a natural but georgeous look.

Step1: Apply concealer on around your eyes and chins, and use sponge to blend out. Also use YSL radiant touch to cover around your lip and nose.

Step2: Apply foundation with a blush. By applying foundation with a blush, you will be able to get the foundation evenly on your face.

Step3:Apply bronzer with brush around your facial line.

Step4: Apply Blush on your cheek.

Step5: Apply Finishing powder on your whole face

Step6: Apply Eyeshadow of your choice. Here we have used the brown with glitters, but if you want the more natural finish, you might want to use brown shadows without the glitters.

Step7: Apply Eye Liner. Here we used the gel liner, but if it is hard to use, you might want to use pencil liner.

Step8: Apply Mascara.

Step9: Fill in your brows with the eyebrow powder. Apply eyebrow mascara to change the color of your eyebrows.

You can see the details on the video below.

Even though the title of the youtube states that it is a christams make-up tutorial, it could also be used for the daily make up, just by changing the color of eyeshadows to little more less glittering one.

The make up was done to a Japanese college student, Marie Yamamoto, by Risa Teshigawara, who is a Japanese college student currently studying at New York University.