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Tokyo Girls Collection Review, Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


On March 1st 2014, “Tokyo Girls’ Collection 2014 Spring/Summer”, the biggest fashion show in Japan, took place at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. With more than 180 models and celebrities present at the event, the stars attracted thirty-three thousand and one hundred young girls, who all rushed into the stadium to see the latet fashion of the year. The concept of the show this season was “Tokyo Wonderland.” As the name suggests, the show stirred up the audience’s curiosity, and was filled with excitement and thrill which created an unusual stage.

Ayumi Hamasaki, who showed up as the secret guest, performed at the beginning of the show. Her powerful voice and performance heated up the event and enthralled the audience.

The 4 hosts of the show were Woman Rush Hour (a comedy duo), Miki Fujimoto, and Maki Mori. Hiromi and Fukami, who are both well known as actors and TV personalities made an appearance on the stage, commenting on the latest fashion trends. According to TGC,

which has been a leading example for everyday fashion in Japan, the keywords for the trends of this season are “transparency,” “tropical marine” and “relaxed silhouettes”. The most popular colours of this year, “pale colours,” “white” and “vivid colours” are said to be related to freshness, and leave an impression of such on the mind. A total of 16 brands participated in the show, and the way in which the models were wrapped in flowery clothing under the magnificent light effects made for an overall “unusual” eve

Following Mizuki Yamamoto, who appeared as the brand’s first face, other well-known models made appearances at the event and were met with cheering and applause; including Karina, Yukina Kinoshita, Akemi Darenogare, Reina Triendl, Nanao, Jun Hasegawa, Lena Fujii, Angelica Michibata, Yu Yamada, and Rola.

Comedians from entertainment shows were also present. From a show called “Uchimura to zawatsuku yoru (A Night Messing around with Uchimura)”, prominent comedians such as Tomonori Jinnai were disguised as fashionable women. A female comedy duo Harisenbon, representing a show called “Ningen kansatsu baraeti monitaringu (Human observation entertainment),” made girls laugh as they walked on the runway pretending to be models.

Miss TGC was held for the first time since Nanao won 4 years ago, and Mio Ikezawa, a 17 year old, was chosen by the audience this season to win the Grand Prize. She expressed her excitement and appreciation in tears. She is to be on a drama called “Bitter Blood” starting in April, and is said to have high potential.

Towards the end of the show, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, EXILE TRIBE and other artists appeared on the stage and added more excitement to the show.

Not only is TGC a place to release the most recent fashion, but also a place for entertainment, which is why the audience stays captivated throughout the entire show. On April 29th, “Tokyo Girls’ Collection in Fukushima 2014 supported by XEBIO GROUP” is to be held at Koriyama city of Fukushima, making it the first time ever the event is held in the Tohoku region. Recovery of the region has been slow, as only 3 years have passed since the quake/tsunami, but hopefully the event will help stimulate more activity in the affected area.