FJ2: Please tell us about how you came to start your own brand.
ROSEM:Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to start up my own brand, so I already had in my mind roughly what I wanted to create. But in reality, funds and other forms of backups were essential to start up and manage a brand. So I kept searching for companies that were willing to fund my project and if I had chance, I would submit my business proposal. At last, I found the company where I work now, and

FJ2: Please tell us about the concept of the brand.
ROSEM:There must be people who imagine a “cool woman” in today’s society where more and more women have important roles. I have this concept of making cool clothes with trendy elements, which can be used in everyday life for women who advanced into society

FJ2:What do you take care the most about your brand?
ROSEM: Quality, simply. Modern-day society, where people are low price-oriented, is filled with low quality clothes. Such kind of clothes becomes unwearable after 2 or 3 times, and I often hear cases where people had to wear the same thing again. I believe there must be many consumers who are tired of that cycle or want to wear something good, so I thought ROSEM should offer products that are of high quality and reasonable price. We made low cost and high quality both possible by directly dealing with the factories without going through companies that engage in manufacturing products.

FJ2:What are the products that you put strength into?
ROSEM: We put strength into knitted clothing like cardigan and sweater, which has been the strong field of the company. Also, about denim, which is my personal favorite, I would like to make cute ones every season.

FJ2:What do you want your brand to be in the future?
ROSEM:We started off from online sales and for now, there are many rivals around us. On top of that, there are many brands that claim they are “reasonable” in the market where low-price orientation is deeply rooted, just like I told you before. Among them, I want my brand to be recognized as high-quality and wide-spread. Also, I really want people to try clothes on because it is often the case that whether it suits you or not is based on a preconception.

FJ2:Please tell us how you came to become interested in fashion.

ROSEM:My mother had a license related to clothing and it was normal for me to use sewing machine and do needlework since I was small. So from the time I was an elementary school student, I started to make teddy bears and pouches but as I grew up older, my interest naturally shifted to fashion and that was how it began. I started to want to become a designer after I learned that fashion is enjoyable. So my mother was the biggest reason, after all.

FJ2:Why did you come to Tokyo from Okinawa, where you grew up?
ROSEM:I came to Tokyo to study fashion at Bunka Fashion College. I enrolled in Fashion Creation Department and worked as a shop staff during the day and attended school during the nighttime: I did this for 3 years. I was supposed to go back to Okinawa after graduation, but I decided to stay in Tokyo because I thought there might be something I can do and want to do here. People around me think I am not going back but I wish to do this work in Okinawa someday.

FJ2:What was difficult about being a student and shop staff at the same time?
ROSEM:There were many difficulties but purely there were not many holidays. For 3 years, I worked as a staff at SLY Shinjuku from the morning, studied at school during night, and even after I got back, I did homework until morning. It was difficult for me to always have strong will in such life. But I think that there were many things I acquired by accomplishing without giving up. Especially, I really appreciate and feel thankful that I got to know people and could widen the network. Your dream is never too far if you do not give up and keep on working hard, I thought.

FJ2: Please tell us the motto of your work?
ROSEM:It is “never make products that disappoint customers when they take them in hands”.

FJ2:What is fashion to you?
ROSEM: Fashion is something free. I want to wear as I like and establish my own style. I want to help those who feel the same way.


WEB STORE http://www.rakuten.co.jp/rosem-webstore/
Graduated from Koza Prefectural High School
Graduated from Okinawa Christian Junior College, English Major
Graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Fashion Creation Department II
Sales staff at Baroque Japan Ltd. SLY Shinjuku
Fashion business as a freelancer at Velua Planning, entrusted by Mitsubishi Corp.
After entering Dah Chong Hong (Japan) Ltd., launched ROSEM.