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Japan Fashion Week International Fashion Fair2014





On July 23rd~25th, 2014, the event JFW・IFF (Japan Fashion Week International Fashion Fair) was held at the Tokyo Big Sight –Tokyo International Exhibition Center-. This is the thirtieth time this event has been held, and a variety of designers specializing in clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags came together for this event.

This year’s theme was “Fashion Wonderland”. This name was chosen out of hope that we would be able to reconfirm the fun that comes with fashion and by doing so, revitalize the fashion industry.

My overall impression of this event was that a lot of the items on display targeted a wide range of audiences. For this article, I chose five designer brands that impressed me the most.



Kruzin is a Brazil-based brand specializing in casual shoes. Its’ unique designs and color contrasts are eye-catching from even a distance. The designs of Kruzin shoes are inspired from graffiti sprayed on the streets of Brazil, and its trademark design are the protruding fang-like designs on the shoes. In addition, not only does Kruzin value design, it also values comfort. Compared to other designer shoes, Kruzin’s shoes are light and comfortable to wear. Thanks to its comfort and cool designs, Kruzin’s shoes are becoming more and more popular amongst teenagers.

Sparkling gold and silver sneakers

Because there is such a wide variety of colors, designs, and shapes, I’m sure you’ll be able to find one of your liking

The innovative designs are extremely eye-catching



The three main concepts of the brand Jitta are the three “Re’s”: “Reduce”-ing the price, to “reuse”, and to “reproduce” the item. Jitta also works to create designs that “do not exist and what other companies would never dream of creating.”

Its most recommended product is a bag created with leftover scraps of carpets.

Besides bags created out of leftover carpets, there were also aprons, skirts, and t-shirts dyed with coffee beans. I felt that the texture and colors created from the coffee bean-dye gave a unique taste to the clothing. The apron on display also had a plastic lining, which made it waterproof.

These colorful cases were also very lovely.

There were also environmentally friendly products on display; for example, there was an umbrella created from misprinted papers from a local printing office.

I perceive that in the future, we will be able enjoy fashion that display the creation processes and are environmentally-friendly at the same time.


Regetta Canoe

Designed by the president of the company himself, Regetta Canoe shoes have a shape never seen before. Its’ shoes, which have the distinct shape of a canoe, is extremely comfortable to wear, and apparently, a lot of customers come back for a second product. Even now, Regeta Canoe products often sell out, so I expect this brand to be the next big thing. The Regeta Canoe line consists mainly of sneakers and sandals.

Since there are a lot of different types of shoes, you can coordinate it with different kinds of outfits.



The concept of Shares is “A new take on fashion and clothing. We have the practicality, functionality, and aptitude that come with stationery. Our clothes aren’t bedazzled, so both men and women can wear it. Shapes and patterns, textures and colors: you can understand it all by wearing our clothing.” This designer brand was launched just this season, and all its items are of a very reasonable price. You can also get accessories such as neckties and bandannas to go with the product of your choice.

In addition, the packaging for all Shares products is done in a very fashionable manner, so I advise you to use Shares products as a gift for someone special. I guarantee that that special person will appreciate you for choosing and combining items from Shares. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmases. Why don’t you give a loved one a special present from Shares?

There are so many items; it’s hard to pick which one to buy!


Nishikawa Sho-roku Store

Opened in 1585, this store has collaborated with many stores in the past. However, recently, Nishikawa Sho-roku Store has begun to create a name for itself by becoming an independent brand. Nishikawa Sho-roku Store’s most prominent line is its original brand of Japanese fans, called “BOUDAI”. Fans depicting Kokeshi Japanese style dolls or fans that double as a ruler are just some of the fun products that BOUDAI sell.

One of its most popular products are fans with designs of vegetables and fruits. The fronts of the fans have designs of the whole fruit, while the backs of the fans have designs of the cut fruit. In addition, these fans also have the aroma of the respective fruits they are depicting, so you will be able to enjoy its aroma while you fan yourself.

With these fans, you are able to choose as to what degree you want to open your fan to. If you use the small 60 degree fan on a hot day in the train, you’ll be able to fan yourself without worrying about disturbing the other customers.

These paper lanterns are the most recommended items from the Nishikawa Sho-roku Store. One needs to be careful about safety with real paper lanterns, but these lanterns use electricity, so it can be used as interior decorations. In addition, the paper lanterns in this line all have Japanese motifs, which would make them good souvenirs for foreigners visiting Japan.

There are also earthenware and felt products on sale. I highly recommend the earthenware accessories because not only are they cute, they are also very rare and hard to find. Why don’t you use these as an accessory to spice up your clothes? They would definitely be a great match for a yukata or kimono.