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SAIJIKii R opening party


A party was held on June 21st to celebrate an opening of new store ‘SAIJIKii R’, a branch of the designer brand 45rpm. My first impression of the store was the entrance, which was decorated with a Furin-wind bell whose soft-tone relaxed visitors and reminded one of summer.


The name of the brand ‘SAIJIKii R’ derives from the Japanese word saijiki, a list of seasonal terms used in haiku and other related forms of poetry. Inspired from the 24 divisions of the solar year, or twenty-four sekki, the store changes the tone and expression of its brand every two weeks, which allows one to feel the subtle changes of seasons within the store. With every visit, you can enjoy the change of seasons at SAIJIKii R, a store that values the tradition of “wa” and reflects indeed the characteristics of its parent company, 45rpm.


Products displayed at the party included silks with bright summer colors, and indigo-dyed textiles with tropical island motif.


The brand 45rpm is especially particular about indigo dye. They produce a new color of indigo every year, and as of today, they have twenty-two types of original indigo color.

An exhibit that attracted many people at this opening party was a display of indigo-dyed t-shirts that beautifully illustrated a gradation of different indigo colors. These t-shirts were personal belongings of a staff working at SAIJIkii R, and this exhibition showed the charm and fun of indigo dye, which changes color with time.


This store has a customer service counter called Manzoku Koubou, which allows, for the first time in Japan, for 45rpm membership customers to be able to recreate their old clothing for something new. Membership customers can bring in old clothing that they can no longer wear, but do not want to toss away and create something new out of them.
45rpm clothing is known for becoming better in time. This customer service is especially welcome to those that want to wear such clothing in the long term.


SAIJIKii R not only sells clothing, but also houseware such as cushions and aprons. These can be found in the SAIJIkii R houseware line “ku・ra・si”. SAIJIkii R clothing are tailored by hand, and “ku・ra・si” goods are created by unused fabric and thread from the clothing line. Such is the concept of the “ku・ra・si” homeware line; to make products that make daily life happy with scraps and leftovers from the clothing line.

The theme for this year’s “ku・ra・si” line is “Working Garden”. In this line of products, flower-motif quilts, with a red and blue checked pattern are being used to recreate the warm atmosphere that can be found in a summer garden. These products will be sequentially placed in every 45rpm branch in Japan, so check these out!


SAIJIKii R not only has limited items only available at this store, but it also has products available from the brand 45rpm. How about enjoying the changing of the seasons with this store? I’m sure you’ll find an item that you’ll want to wear forever at this store.

SAIJIKii R/ Manzoku koubou

7-2-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to, 〒107-0062

TEL 03-5469-0145